Departmental 2021: in Morbihan, the right is almost full box – Brittany

In yellow in the first round, David Lappartient and his peloton from the right and the center did not do too much detail in Morbihan. Almost repeating the performance of Goulard, in 2015, they pocketed 16 of the 21 cantons at stake. A score in line with the expectations of the boss of the International Cycling Union who can be satisfied with his 64.29% in Séné. But not enough to achieve the grand slam.

In Lorient, after the bruising of the municipal authorities, the left is smiling again and retains its two bastions of Lorient North and South. In Lanester, the union duo from the left washes away the affront of 2015 and takes over the canton for four votes! In Moréac, heads change but the left remains. In Questembert, Boris Lemaire, new various left municipal councilor, sweeps the outgoing DVD candidate, mayor of Elven.

While in Gourin, the left, part in dispersed order, can bite its fingers (the DVD Guéguan-Le Niniven duo tilts the canton), Vannes 3 remains to the right for 19 votes but nothing prevents Lappartient from lifting arms on the finish line.

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