Departmental 2021: Finistère tilts to the right! – Brittany

As in Plouzané, where Marc Labbey is, for lack of a sufficient report, beaten by five votes by Yves Du Buit and Emmanuelle Tournier, the Alliance for Finistère takes the department by a hair, putting an end to a reign of the left 23 years long.

It was not until the last count to be fixed: Thus, in Briec, Raymond Messager, allied to Amélie Caro, retains his canton of 124 votes. And if Nathalie Sarrabezolles arrives at the head of little (193 votes) on Guipavas, the thunderclap comes from Brest 2, where Réza Salami and Marie Gueye, outgoing advisers, are beaten by the green pair Pauline Louis-Joseph-Dogué and Barthélémy Gonella . The canton of Carhaix has meanwhile voted again for the regionalist binomial? In the end, the right wins 14 cantons, the left 11. The Greens and the Regionalists will also sit for a canton.

Maël de Calan, re-elected in his stronghold, thus sees the dynamic that he foresaw on the evening of the first round confirmed: “As in 2015, the result is extremely tight. The stake for the new majority that I represent will be to make a very clear change expected by Finistériens ”.

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