Deontay Wilder appointed former opponent Malik Scott as new coach – that’s why he signed a former rival | Boxing News

Deontay Wilder has added Malik Scott, whom he once eliminated, as the new coach of his “genius”.

Wilder will seek revenge on Tyson Fury in their trilogy fight for the WBC Heavyweight Championship on July 24 in Las Vegas and has made some significant changes to his squad.

Mark Breland, who threw in the towel to end Wilder’s previous loss to Fury, has been removed, Jay Deas remains but ex-opponent Scott is the new man in charge.

“Malik is my real brother. Even before Malik and I fought, we were very close,” Wilder said in an interview with First boxing champions.

“Throughout our career, we’ve always talked.

“I always wanted him to come because of his genius and his fighting spirit.

“He’s a genius in his mind, he knows what to do, but he just didn’t have the athletic body to be able to perform what he has in mind.

“I am the athlete – with instructions and teachings I am able to accomplish what he thinks and what he develops.”

Wilder to rekindle rivalry with Fury this summer

Scott has revealed how Wilder got him the lead role on the practice squad, the day after his second fight with Fury last February.

He told the First Boxing Champions Podcast: “After the loss to Fury, at 3 or 4 in the morning, it was somewhere over there. We were already on the move and we were putting the game together on what was happening now.

“He immediately planned, ‘Like my brother, you are my boss now.’ We knew this from day one that adjustments had to be made and that some things we wanted to do just had to be put in place.

“It works perfectly, because I believe that one of the most imperative things between fighter and training is just not teaching and learning, [it’s] chemistry.

“So with my mentality and my background, and my boxing brain, mixed with our chemistry, mixed with whatever he’s receptive to and learning now – it’s going to be a bad, bad night for Fury in this trilogy. “

Scott was an American heavyweight who retired with 38 wins in 42 fights.

In 2014, Scott challenged Wilder but was eliminated in 94 seconds.

“The fighting opportunity has presented itself,” Scott said. “During these three months of preparation, we haven’t talked, nothing like that, and we all know what the result has been.

“It hasn’t damaged our relationship, because business is business. Someone has to lose and someone has to win.”

Deontay Wilder, Malik Scott
Wilder had fought Scott in 2014

Wilder has known Scott from training camp for Vitali Klitschko and his former rival has regularly helped him prepare for major fights.

“I’ve never seen someone like Malik,” Wilder said.

“I always wanted to integrate him into the team but the position has always been busy and I am a loyal person.

“Sometimes people reject each other. When you have no choice but to get rid of them.

“Now that things are open, it was obvious.

“Just after [the Fury fight] we started to come up with strategies and plans.

“It wasn’t a hard decision. He’s been in all of my camps but never wanted to step on anyone’s feet. Now he’s held that place, he’s in a different position.

“I have a great established team.”

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