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Democrats prepare to chain the Republican Party to ‘far-right’ Jordan in 2024


“If he wins, it’s not like putting a fox in the henhouse. It’s like blowing up a chicken coop,” said former Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It’s not every day that campaign messages lean on Congress and baseball, which might only confuse the average voter. However, as the Republican Party clings to a four-seat majority, Democrats are betting that the electorate will understand that one chamber of Congress is closed and that the party behind the decision will be blamed. Putting a pro-Trump hardliner in charge of the House, they say, will only contribute to that warning in 2024 — especially against the 18 Republicans who must defend their seats in districts won by President Joe Biden .

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent a memo Tuesday ordering lawmakers to emphasize Jordanian conservatism, saying “a Jordanian president means extremism and far-right priorities will govern the House of Representatives.”

“Chaos and dysfunction is what we have seen in the Republican caucus since the beginning of this Congress,” the representative said. Susan Del Bene (D-Wash.), chairman of the House Democratic campaign arm. “There was no leadership. And people are seeing it now and expecting better.

A figure as polarizing as the former speaker was before his defenestration – Rep. Seth Magaziner (DR.I.) joked that “Kevin McCarthy is Jim Jordan with a smile on his face” – Jordan has even fewer friends across the aisle. His near-nonexistent working relationship with Democrats makes it easier for them to cast him as an agent of chaos ahead of next month’s looming government shutdown deadline.

And Democrats could take advantage of any advantage they can find before 2024, given the lingering economic malaise that complicates their efforts to campaign on the legislative achievements of their unified control of Washington during the first two years of Biden’s presidency . Some prominent Democrats view the weeks-long unrest within the Republican Party as an argument in their favor, especially given the lack of legislative action on pressing crises such as hostilities in the Middle East.

“We have the situation in Israel. We have Ukraine. We have so many things that need attention. And instead, they are just showing how they continue to wallow in their incompetence in the specific task of choosing a speaker,” the representative said. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Other Democrats are open about how easy it will be to turn Jordan into a liability on the campaign trail.

“A pedophile insurgent – ​​seriously? Is this the face of their party? marveled the representative. Annie Kuster (DN.H.), president of the centrist New Democratic Party. (Kuster’s mockery refers to a sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State University that ensnared Jordan, who has denied any knowledge of the underlying wrongdoing.)

The party is already throwing money behind the GOP’s message of legislative chaos. The party’s arm dedicated to state-level races links Virginia lawmakers to dysfunction as the state’s elections approach, as does House Majority Forward, a nonprofit with ties to Democratic leaders .

On top of that, Democratic advertisers are salivating over votes won by some vulnerable Republicans in the final days of McCarthy’s presidency, when he pressed House Republicans to support a stopgap funding bill that would have imposed cuts of almost 30 percent in non-defense spending.

Democrats plan to launch several attacks on the bill’s text during the campaign, including a spotlight on Republicans who voted to cut Social Security and decrease funding for law enforcement and state troopers. FBI – according to them, a Republican Party plan to “defund the police”. .”

Leader of the parliamentary minority Hakeem Jeffries had presented a bipartisan coalition government with the GOP, but there were no serious takers on the right. Democrats are expected to uniformly support Jeffries on Tuesday, with party lawmakers eagerly pointing out that they only needed minutes to embrace their leader while Republicans took weeks to choose one.

Some high-ranking Democrats are almost inclined to let the Republican Party’s turmoil speak for itself rather than spending time trying to turn the mess into a campaign issue.

“I think this kind of self-destructive behavior and everything that we’re dealing with is a campaign problem in and of itself,” the representative said. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said. “So I don’t know how you ignite this anymore.”



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