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Delhi metro stations vandalized with pro-Khalistan graffiti ahead of G20 summit


Ahead of the G20 summit, a series of pro-Khalistan messages have surfaced at several Delhi Metro stations, marking a worrying development as officials reported on Sunday, August 27.

The incident involved unidentified individuals writing slogans such as “Delhi Banega Khalistan” and “Khalistan Zindabad” on the walls of no less than five Delhi metro stations.

Authorities quickly initiated legal action in response to the incident, as a senior police official said.

The incident, which happened just before the G20 summit scheduled for September 9-10, involved acts of vandalism targeting metro stations in the city of Delhi.

Specifically, pro-Khalistan graffiti appeared on the walls of stations such as Punjabi Bagh, Shivaji Park, Madipur, Paschim Vihar, Udyog Nagar and Maharaja Surajmal Stadium. Notably, all these stations are located in the western part of Delhi. Slogans displayed included phrases such as “Delhi Banega Khalistan” and “Khalistan Referendum Zindabad”.

The attribution of the act to Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a previously banned group, emerged as police investigated the incident. The police statement revealed the presence of SFJ members at several metro stations, including Shivaji Park and Punjabi Bagh, where they allegedly engraved pro-Khalistan messages.

The group went further by releasing video footage showing the defaced subway stations and the slogans they had written.

Dealing with the case, the Delhi Police Special Cell has deployed personnel to various locations relevant to the incident. Notably, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the leader of the SFJ, communicated through a video message that a referendum in Khalistan was to be held in Surrey, Canada on September 10.

This incident occurs in the context of a series of related events. For example, in July, a group of pro-Khalistan individuals vandalized the Indian consulate in San Francisco.

The incident involved an attempted fire at the consulate, which was quickly brought under control by San Francisco firefighters. Similarly, on August 13, a prominent temple located in British Columbia, Canada was vandalized by two Khalistan supporters.

The incident involved the posting of graffiti conveying anti-Hindu and anti-Indian sentiments, based on a report by PTI.



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