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The investigating judge in charge of the investigation targeting Gerald Darmanin for “rape” pronounced the end of the investigations in early September without indicting the Minister of the Interior, directing the case to a dismissal, learned the AFP Monday from two sources close to the case, confirming information from Mediapart.

The minister, placed in mid-December under the status of assisted witness in this very politically sensitive matter and which had earned him many criticisms at the time of his appointment to the government, is accused by Sophie Patterson-Spatz of rape, sexual harassment and abuse of confidence.

The investigation into these facts dating from 2009 is in the hands of an examining magistrate, following a long procedural battle, which began with a complaint in 2017. The examining magistrate placed this heavyweight of the government December 14 under the status of assisted witness for these facts.

Towards a non-place?

By pronouncing on September 7, according to one of the sources familiar with the case, a notice of the end of the investigations without anyone being indicted in this case, the examining magistrate seems to be moving towards a dismissal.

But the complainant and her counsel, who saw a number of recent requests for acts rejected by the examining magistrate, according to a source familiar with the case, can formulate new requests for acts and engage in a new procedural battle before the Chamber of Justice. the instruction of the court of appeal in the event of refusal.

After this notice of the end of the investigations, the prosecution now has three months to formulate its final requisitions. The final decision on whether to hold a trial ultimately rests with the investigating judge.

In March 2009, the complainant addressed the elected official, then in charge of the legal affairs department of the UMP (ancestor of LR), to try to revise a 2004 conviction for blackmail and malicious appeals to the court. ‘regard to an ex-companion.

Criticisms of feminists

According to her, Gerald Darmanin would have dangled his support from the Chancellery via a letter, in exchange for sexual favors that she would have accepted, feeling forced to “go to the pan”, according to her expression in front of the investigators.

In front of the police, in February 2018, Gérald Darmanin confirmed having had a sexual relationship with Sophie Patterson-Spatz, but according to him freely consented and at the initiative of the complainant: “There was no consideration”. “You still have to measure what it is to be wrongly accused, of having to explain to your parents what happened because, it’s true, I had the life of a young man. “, Explained Gérald Darmanin in July 2020 to La Voix du Nord.

The two protagonists of this investigation met for a confrontation in the office of the examining magistrate in March. Gérald Darmanin, whose appointment as Minister of the Interior had been criticized by feminists, in particular because of this case, filed a complaint for slanderous denunciation.

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