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Danny Masterson’s attorney speaks out after actor’s jail sentence


The lawyer continued: “The errors made in this case are substantial and have unfortunately led to verdicts which are not supported by evidence. And while we have great respect for the jury in this case and for our system of Justice as a whole, sometimes they get you wrong. And that’s what happened here.

Masterson, Holley said, “did not commit the crimes for which he was convicted and we – and the best and brightest appellate attorneys in the country – are confident that these convictions will be overturned.”

After Masterson was sentenced by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Alison Anderson, an attorney representing two accusers, said in a statement to E! News that his clients had “shown extraordinary strength and courage” in coming forward. She added: “Despite ongoing harassment, obstruction and intimidation, these brave women helped hold a ruthless sexual predator accountable today.”