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Missing geologist Daniel Robinson’s mother and siblings flew to Arizona to hold a press conference outside the Buckeye Police Department on Sunday in an effort to keep pressure on authorities to locate the 24-year-old. years, which has not been seen for months.

The young man’s father, David Robinson, has been in Arizona for months and the family hired a private investigator in July. Nearly 55,000 people have signed a Justice for Daniel Robinson petition as friends and relatives demand answers to a baffling desert mystery – which they say could include foul play.

Mr Robinson, a College of Charleston graduate with a degree in archeology, went missing on June 23 after appearing disoriented at a construction site and apparently escaping into the wilderness without explanation. His behavior had been shifted slightly in the weeks leading up to his disappearance but there has been no sign of him since; the geologist’s car was found nearly a month after his disappearance, along with his phone, wallet, keys and the clothes he was last seen.

Her father said The independent that he believed the police had dropped the bullet or abandoned the case.

“It’s been three months,” he said on Sunday. “It only happens when no one takes your child or missing person seriously. This is the reason why we have to get a petition, get the support of the community behind us, get things done.

He said The independent that the family would resume organizing their own searches for their son in the coming week.

Private investigator hired by the family, former police officer Jeff McGrath, discovered confusing data from the geologist’s Jeep – which was spotted by a rancher lying on its side in a ravine with the airbag deployed, July 20. The area had been searched several times before it was discovered and Mr McGrath’s findings raised even more questions.

Evidence from the vehicle showed it crashed and then traveled a further 11 miles before ending up in the ravine with a last known speed of 30 mph, Mr McGrath said. The independent – even if he could not recreate these speed conditions on the ground.

“We definitely have something suspicious here,” he said, adding: “At a minimum we have a missing persons case in danger. ‘move away a bit, that might be a problem.

Ken Elliott, another geologist who had worked with Mr Robinson on the morning of his disappearance, said the 24-year-old appeared to be doing well when they met at the job site. But, within minutes, Mr. Robinson started talking strangely and staring at the desert, Mr. Elliott said. Without any explanation, Mr. Robinson then got into his Jeep and drove off.

Mr Elliott then followed in the tracks of vehicles he said drove further into the wilderness.

“When I saw this my heart sank because he just told me he wasn’t going home,” Mr. Elliott said. The independent. “Something was seriously wrong.”

Repeated aerial and ground searches have been carried out, even using cadaver dogs and recovering human remains – which are not Mr Robinson’s and have not yet been identified. But the geologist seems to have vanished into thin air.

“Maybe he just took off, but he’s got nothing,” Mr. McGrath said. The independent this week. “There is no evidence that he created an account anywhere to get money; he didn’t have a lot of money to start with. He didn’t have a phone, his ID card… we didn’t see any of those preplans that you would see if someone just wanted to be someone else.

The detective added that “nothing makes sense about the vehicle and where it was and his clothes being right there”.

A spokeswoman for the Buckeye Police Department said The independent last week that officers were “super determined to find him” and that the unexplained disappearance remained “a conversation every day”.

“This case is such a priority, and there is so much importance on it… We are looking for any information from the public – and the public has really turned out to be very important through research and the provision of information that has been so helpful, but we need more, we need more information.

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