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After President Biden claimed his Build Back Better program’s $ 3.5 trillion economic bill would cost “zero dollars,” Fox News host Dana Perino said as a former spokesperson for the White House, she would have refused to make this statement in public if she had been instructed to do so.

Perino, who served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush in 2007, said Biden’s claim was a ridiculous way to sell the exorbitant bill to the American public.

“I would have said ‘I absolutely refuse to say that’,” said the co-host of “The Five”. “I would never have said that – I have respect for myself, and I never would have said something so ridiculous – and they should stop.”

President Biden, in a tweet on Saturday, claimed his “Building a Better Agenda” would cost zero dollars because it would not increase the national debt.

“It’s a terrible way to run the government,” Perino continued, adding that Democrats tend to increase government spending on everything when they are in power.

Across the aisle, Republicans seem too distracted by “token questions” to mount a convincing response, she said, but noted that the GOP is most adept at campaigning against the hikes. middle class taxes.


Co-host Dan Bongino added that even without raising taxes, Democratic policies can raise the cost of living due to increased spending that potentially leads to higher inflation. Critics of increased spending call inflation a hidden tax on citizens.

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