D-4 before the Koh-Lanta final for the Morlaisien Jonathan Julien – Morlaix

A few days before the final, Friday June 4, 2021, what is your state of mind?

I feel great and can’t wait to see the next episode. A little stressful, but it’s okay frankly. It’s less stress than six months ago being in the game. On the pitch, it was completely different. There, we are back home, we are at peace. Here, where I am now, the weather is fine.

Friday, May 28, was the great orientation test, where you selected yourself. There have been a lot of comments on the networks. Do you read them?

Laughs. I read the comments that were on my network, on my Instagram account. It made me laugh. It’s always a bit the same. People say “cheater”, “this”, “that”… but there is no rule so you can’t cheat what! Me, bad comments don’t affect me. I answer with little hearts, little “lol”. I try not to get into their game. Take insults for free, which have nothing to do with the game… I take it all with a lot of humor.

Did the show prepare you for this exhibition?

Yes. Quite frankly, we are not naive. When we know that we are doing the most watched show by the French, inevitably there are people who are going to break the sugar on our backs. We can’t please everyone! But naturally, we are supported by the production, which makes a lot of things available.

Friday, June 4, is the ultimate test, that of the Koh Lanta poles. What are your strengths against Maxine Eouzan, former top athlete and Lucie Bertaud, MMA champion?

Everyone could see on the static tests that I was doing quite well. So that’s a good asset. But girls have them too. So the three of us have our chance. I am not a big developer. Laughs. In my copies [NDLR : à l’école], there were never more than five-six lines. But I think that in my strengths, there are the static tests, the patience, the escalation too… and then the determination. We all have a big mind. We got there. And it’s the last day, so we’ll give everything.

How do you live to watch, in your turn, these tests?

We lived from the inside an experience, an adventure, but there, six months later, we see it from another angle on TV. So suddenly, it’s nice. When my colleagues go for an interview, I don’t know what they’re going to say. It is a second point of view which is interesting. My family, my friends are very happy, very surprised too. As obviously I had not said anything about my journey, they find out.

Is there a “before / after” passage in Koh-Lanta?

I am very happy to have lived this adventure. It’s really great. It must have been one of the nicest things I have ever done. The fact that it is very difficult to access, because there are thousands of us to apply, that makes the adventure unique. But I’m very down to earth, so for me it’s over and since then my life has resumed its course. I stay myself. For people, we can clearly pass for “little stars” because we were on TV and it is a bit the case, but we remain ourselves. And that’s what I tell people when I’m stopped on the street for a photo: “Don’t worry. I am just like you. I had the opportunity to do that, but we’re normal people ”.

Are you going to win?

Laughs. We will have to watch. I don’t even remember. Me, I have the faculty of being able to forget things. I discover the episodes at the same time as everyone else.

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