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‘Curious’ dog falls into grave during family funeral


A curious dog sent mourners screaming at a funeral in New Zealand after slipping and falling into the freshly dug grave.

Paul Graham captured the moment his 13-year-old dog Cochise found himself six feet under at a funeral in Auckland, after his interest in the proceedings got the better of him.

In Graham’s video, Cochise can be seen barking from the depths of the grave as the eulogy ends with an audible “amen” heard from those in attendance.

A curious dog found its way into a family grave during a funeral. Luckily, the guests were able to see the funny side.

Everyone grieves the death of a loved one in their own way.

Grief is also not an expression of grief strictly limited to humans. A 2022 study found that dogs also grieve the loss of a loved one.

The study, published in the journal Scientific reportssaw 426 pet owners surveyed about changes in their dogs following the death of another dog.

The results showed that 86 percent of those surveyed said they had witnessed negative changes and behavioral changes that could indicate grief.

They found that 67 percent of the dogs were more attention-seeking, 57 percent played less, 46 percent were less active, 35 percent slept more and were more fearful than before, 32 percent ate less, and 30 percent were more likely to whine or whine. bark.

Cochise’s behavior, however, has little to do with grief and is instead the result of a family accident. According to Graham, Cochise was initially on a leash, but was freed by some of the children present.

The poor pooch then ended up falling into the grave during the eulogy. Unfortunately, due to the somber nature of the event, he was forced to stand there for several minutes, barking the entire time, while the eulogy ended.

Once the surgery was complete, several family members worked to move the casket and get Cochise out. Despite the chaos, Cochise’s antics brought some much-needed levity to an otherwise difficult day.

In the video, Guy Yelchich, the deceased’s son, can be heard asking other mourners to “hustle Dad a little bit this way” so he can jump in and get Cochise.

Yelchich adds, “It’s a sign that Dad wanted to be buried on the grounds,” while another mourner jokes, “I didn’t know you’d get in there before your dad.”

Commenting on the chaos and efforts to save his dog, Graham said that in truth the incident helped make things a little easier for everyone involved.

“Everyone thought it was great fun and it really lightened the mood of the funeral,” he said. “It was a traditional Māori tangi funeral, which had been going on for three days at that point.”

The incident first came to light after it was posted on Reddit under the handle u/paulie07. Titled “My curious dog fell into my uncle’s grave at his funeral” at the time of writing, the video has received over 52,000 upvotes as well as a multitude of comments.

“This is how I want to do it,” one user wrote. “I want people to have fun at my funeral instead of being sad.” Another commented: “Once the dog falls into the grave and someone has to look for it, there may very well be someone making jokes. Humor is the only option in a situation like this- there.”

A third agreed: “I’ve done many funerals for close family members and there’s always been something to laugh about. It makes a hard day less sad.”

News week has contacted Graham for comment.

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