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A panel of Cuban scientists said there was “no scientific evidence” for US claims that diplomats on the island fell ill from Sonic War attacks. The mysterious diseases have been dubbed “Havana Syndrome”.

When US Vice President Kamala Harris’ flight from Singapore to Hanoi was delayed last month due to the illness of two US officials in the Vietnamese capital, the phrase “Havana Syndrome” again made headlines. newspapers. Named after its first discovery in Havana in 2016, the term refers to a set of mysterious symptoms that plagued U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials in Cuba, and later in China, Germany, Austria, and the United States. United States themselves.

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American politicians, researchers and experts have all speculated that the symptoms – which allegedly include headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing and vision disturbances, nosebleeds, dizziness and memory loss – were caused by some sort of sonic or microwave weapon, but Cuban scientists shot down those claims on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference in Havana, a group of scientists assembled by the government of the communist country said the allegations of secret sonic weapons were not “Scientifically acceptable” and there was “no scientific evidence of attacks.”

“The international press continues to extensively disseminate unscientific explanations which confuse the public and harm American officials who believe them,” Dr Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, director general of the Cuban Center for Neuroscience, said. Such assertions, he added, are an obstacle to the thawing of relations between Cuba and the United States.

While a panel convened by a one-party state would likely not implicate that same state in alleged attacks on foreign diplomats, the United States has also failed to provide conclusive evidence of foul play.

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“Convinced” that diplomats were under attack, then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reduced the U.S. diplomatic presence in Havana in 2018, as the CIA and the National Security Council investigated the episode of diseases. The United States National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) concluded in December 2020 that “Directed and pulsed radiofrequency energy” was the “most plausible” explanation behind the cases, but the report, commissioned by the State Department, did not exclude other possibilities.

One of these possibilities is that the high-pitched noises that some people have reported hearing before their symptoms appeared were actually of natural origin. A researcher at the University of Berkeley discovered in 2019 that the sound almost perfectly matched the continuous chirping of Indian cricket.

The State Department has rejected the research and continues to believe diplomats in Cuba have been attacked. Other researchers, meanwhile, have noted that the symptoms of “Havana syndrome” are genuine, but their origins are inexplicable.

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