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Remove the barriers between work and sleep, create a community of residents to invest in these shared habitats. That’s the whole idea of ​​coliving. After a year of forced telework, office life has entered the era of hybridity. How to position the cursor between face-to-face and remote? And how to envision the future of coworking under these conditions? Tech 24 gets to work this week!

Raise 180 million euros to democratize coliving in Europe: that was the bet of the French nugget Colonies, just a year ago. Yes, but that was before the health crisis. What about today ? From co-living to coworking: do collaborative buildings still have a bright future ahead of them? Is coliving a collateral victim of Covid-19 or a phoenix of the pandemic? We talk about it with Roxane Varza, director of Station F. The largest start-up campus in Europe launched Flatmates, its coliving service, in the summer of 2019. Experience feedback to the program.

If the time has come for a hybrid between face-to-face and distance learning, how can we imagine the offices of the future? Buildings that erase certain barriers, juggle with constraints, which are both ultra-connected and open to nature. From the 75,000 m² of Apple Park to the 5G connectivity of “Bridge”, the new HQ of the Orange group, we show you around the owner.

So how do you get into the workplace right now? Third places are reinventing office life by mixing interdisciplinarity, makers and entrepreneurs. An opportunity to make rurality the center of the local economy. Report in New Aquitaine.

And if we don’t go to the office, the office comes to us! Working in mobility is the concept that the VTC Cacao operator is testing in Paris at the moment. Guillaume Grallet came on board for an immersion demonstration.