Covid-19: should private hospitals in Brittany deprogram more? – Brittany

Faced with the saturation of their services and the significant deprogramming already carried out, the medical community of the Rennes University Hospital called on Tuesday publicly for “territorial solidarity”. The CHU in particular asked the private establishments to go further in their cooperation and to deprogram more.

What are the current deprogramming rates in Brittany in the private sector?

Nicolas Bouliou: it depends on the territories. In Finistère, the incidence rates are much lower. There is therefore no need to deprogram. But currently in Ille-et-Vilaine, the situation is tense. We follow the instructions of the ARS, we are currently deprogramming around 30% of our activity.

You are not a recourse center which deals with the heaviest cases. Why don’t you deprogram more?

Because until now there was no need. We follow the instructions of the ARS.

The speech of the director of the CHU, yesterday, surprised us. The private hospital medical community has felt that it has been singled out unfairly. In addition, it is anxiety-provoking for the populations whereas we have regular coordination meetings under the authority of the ARS. Questioning public / private collaboration is not up to the point. Since the start of the epidemic, all private hospitalization has always been mobilized. But we can only regret the strong initial delay in resuscitation places in Brittany, since no private establishment has permanent authorization for resuscitation places! There are in the public in Brittany: 162 places or 4.85 beds per 100,000 inhabitants – a deficit of 40% compared to the rest of France where the average is 7.54 beds per 100,000 inhabitants. For many years, the Federation of private hospitalization in Brittany has been asking for the creation of resuscitation places. We have obtained the creation of four ephemeral resuscitations in Brittany for an equivalent of 46 exceptional resuscitation places which have just been renewed for six months.

Brittany’s 30 private hospitals can all take care of covid patients

Can you increase this deprogramming?

Of course ! We adapt. During the first wave, we had everything deprogrammed but that was clearly not the solution. Emergency, oncology and major surgery activities should be maintained as high as possible to avoid delays in treatment. Across Brittany, more than 40% of oncology activity is carried out by private actors. To suggest that private hospitalization does only light and elective surgery is false.

The director of the hospital notably stressed that private hospitals can take care of more people hospitalized in general medicine for slightly less serious cases of covid-19. How many covid-19 beds are currently occupied in private Breton hospitals?

Brittany’s 30 private FHP hospitals can all take care of covid patients because, from the start of the first wave, a year ago, they set up medical services that could accommodate them. To date, Wednesday March 31, eight covid patients are being taken care of in intensive care by the four FHP establishments with a derogatory authorization and 30 covid patients are being taken care of in the medical services. Two thirds of these patients are in the Rennes metropolitan area. The other three departments are less impacted.

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