Covid-19 is causing early retirement back in force

Cursed Covid-19. Because of health restrictions to curb the epidemic, Dominique had to give up the idea of ​​a proper departure drink, the day he stopped working for good. It was December 8, 2020. A consolation, all the same: a breakfast was organized in his service with “Ten to twelve” colleagues. He was presented with gift certificates and the director of human resources made a speech to greet him. “It was very pleasant”, he confides.

While he will be celebrating his 60th birthday in a few months, Dominique is leaving the Bosch factory in Onet-le-Château (Aveyron), on the outskirts of Rodez, where he had been hired as a maintenance technician in 1986. From his career At the manufacturer of auto parts for diesel engines, he speaks with enthusiasm: ” I enjoyed it “, he says, referring to several business trips abroad and the autonomy he enjoyed to accomplish his tasks.

But threatening clouds have grown over the Aveyron site of Bosch. Year after year, production has declined with the erosion of sales of diesel vehicles. And the current recession has not helped. The hypothesis of a closure was even raised a few months ago.

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Dominique did not hesitate for long when the management presented, in mid-2020, a device called “end of career development”. Based on voluntary service, this allows older employees to stop their activity, while continuing to be paid by Bosch up to approximately 80% of their remuneration, and to be entitled to various benefits granted to all staff: company mutual insurance, leisure and travel offer at reduced prices, offered by the social and economic committee (CSE), etc.

Attract the greatest number

The mechanism works until the day when the interested parties have contributed enough to retire, at the full rate. All those born before the 1ster January 1963 and who are 48 months or less than 48 months from the age at which they can claim a pension without discount. “The measure could concern up to 130 positions, in full-time equivalent, specifies a spokesperson for the management. Departures will take place in two waves during the year 2021, depending on the age of the beneficiaries. “

Everything has been done “So that people accept”, summarizes Dominique by describing a device that seeks to attract the greatest number. “I am very happy to go away and start a new life”, he continues, knowing that his links with the factory are not entirely broken: elected from the staff under the CFE-CGC hat, he will continue to exercise his mandate until November 2022.

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