Covid-19: Codogno, the Italian city where it all began

Codogno. This city in Lombardy, in the far north of Italy, may not ring a bell, but it was the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe. At the very beginning of February 2020, the first cases identified are detected: we then evoke travelers who have returned from China, but to tell the truth, to this day, we still do not know patient zero. It is a report by Natalia Mendoza, Louise Malnoy and Lorenza Pensa.

Lombardy will therefore have been the first region to see the Covid-19 pandemic sweep across Europe and it has paid a heavy price for the virus, with tens of thousands of deaths in the region.

From February 2020, the number of cases quickly multiplied, the number of deaths too. Masks have become compulsory, schools have been closed and roadblocks have been put up. Trains have stopped stopping at Codogno and the regional airport has closed its tracks. But the epidemic has spread.

Lombardy, then the neighboring regions of Italy, became the first in Europe to enter containment.

Codogno is slowly recovering

With the arrival of vaccination, the number of cases and victims has decreased, but the virus is still there. It devastated the economy, the health system of Lombardy and left many families in mourning.

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