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Anne Hidalgo is right: most French teachers are poorly paid, especially at the start and mid-career. We will neglect the preparatory class teachers who sometimes earn more than a university professor, through the game of specific bonuses. We will still neglect the subtlety of hierarchies – aggregate, non-class, etc. Yes, overall, French masters are at the bottom of the table in Europe. It is perfectly appropriate to stress this.

But Anne Hidalgo is wrong to announce, to launch her campaign, that she will “at least” double the salaries of teachers. First, it is not quantified – estimates hover between 25 and 50 billion. Then, it is not accompanied by any reflection on the glaring inadequacies of our school system. It’s not just about remunerating, it’s about transforming. In politics, everything is a matter of execution. We know the campaign speeches. Wasn’t François Hollande “the enemy of finance”?

Last but not least, there is the manner. Once again, the worst tradition of the Fifth Republic is respected: the (presumed) monarch, from the steps of his palace, informs the astonished people of the blessings that, when the time comes, he will take down from heaven. Where is the listening, the fine knowledge? Where is the place of intermediate bodies? Where are negotiations envisaged? The message falls from above like a stop. And so-called civil society has little to say. Neither on career profiles, nor on content, nor on training, nor on work-sharing, nor on the evaluation of results. The so-called civil society is asked to applaud, period.

The blows of communication, it is inevitably the planned obsolescence.

In doing so, Anne Hidalgo is in line with what drove her party to decay – the undisputed authority of a handful of leaders who know better than anyone what is good for everyone. Emmanuel Macron, who grew up in the same circles, is more than the continuator: the caricature. What screamed the disorderly movement but eloquent yellow vests.

The mayor of Paris, if she wishes to innovate, would be very inspired to stop playing Monopoly where the winners are still the most skilful cheaters, and, if she wants to generate support, get rid of the patronage figure of Olympian Jupiter.

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