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Corsica faces a shortage of visitors



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France 3 – France 3 Corsica, A. De La Taille, C. Giugliano, C. Réveillaud

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This summer, Corsica is experiencing a significant drop in the number of tourists. A situation mainly caused by inflation and lack of purchasing power, according to professionals in the sector.

But where are the tourists? The edges of Restonica (Haute-Corse) are almost deserted. Some families take advantage of the calm of the river to their great astonishment, given the period. Not really agitation also on the side of a camp-site. Many pitches are available, few caravans. The lack of tourists will weigh on the financial balance sheet. “There is a big difference in July, around 30%“, explains Jeannine Mariotti, manager of the Tuani campsite.

Fierce competition in the Mediterranean

Same situation in a restaurant in the valley. In 25 years of career, the establishment saw one of its worst seasons. The findings are clear on the causes of this gloomy summer. “We are taking a little bit of the impact of the crisis“, says Jean-Christophe Barrau, manager of the Arena Le Refuge hotel. Corsica is also facing competition from other more affordable Mediterranean destinations in this period of inflation. It is therefore a whole strategy that we will have to think about. to become attractive to tourists.



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