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Coronavirus: Northampton Saints boss Chris Boyd says too early for Premiership to suspend season |  Rugby news

Northampton boss Chris Boyd doesn’t want a Premiership break due to Covid-19 and says Saints game against London Irish on Sunday is not in jeopardy after just one positive test

Last updated: 12/30/20 11:08 am

Boyd (L) doesn’t want a Premiership break yet

Northampton rugby manager Chris Boyd believes it is too early to consider introducing a Gallagher Premiership break due to the escalating coronavirus crisis.

The Saints will be without three players for Sunday’s trip to London Irish after returning a positive from the latest round of testing, with two other team members isolating themselves as part of contact tracing proceedings.

It comes after two of the six fifth round matches were called off due to outbreaks in Leicester and Ireland, while two of the previous weekend’s Champions Cup matches involving English clubs also fell to Covid- 19.

Premier League football clubs are reportedly discussing whether to take a hiatus next month due to the chaos caused by positive tests and, although Boyd believes rugby has yet to reach that stage, he admits that the situation is very difficult.

“One weekend is a little too reactionary. If you had two (canceled games) last weekend, three this weekend and more the next, you might say, ‘How are we going to do this job?’ Boyd said.

“The critical motto here is energy and we have to manage that very carefully. Our management is treating this as a big challenge; how are we going to come out of this particularly difficult situation with real credit as a club?

“I can sense a lot of determination in the medical and professional group. We want to make sure in June that we are fit, healthy and on top of the game. If you’re brutally honest, there isn’t a lot of alternative.”

Boyd has revealed there was no threat to clash with the Irish over the coronavirus case alone as Northampton looked to build on its first victory since August after sending Worcester on Saturday.

“We actually had our first positive test for a significant number of weeks that came back. And it came from an outside source, from a sibling of one of the boys,” Boyd said. .

“The boys have been really vigilant, the club has been really vigilant. I know you often can’t control when these things happen and it’s like society in general, you let your guard down for a second and a person stands. sneak into your bubble, you ‘We’re in trouble. So far we’ve been pretty decent.

“We went back and followed and retraced and we’ll probably isolate one or two other people because of close contact, but that doesn’t put us in danger that we can’t put a team in the paddock.

“We have it under control. We will probably retest these guys later in the week and that and the results of Monday’s tests will determine if they return to our environment.”

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