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Coronavirus: Chris Wilder, Sheffield United boss, not surprised if Crystal Palace game is postponed |  Football News

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder is hoping for positive news from the latest round of coronavirus tests ahead of their trip to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

The Blades’ clash with Burnley went on Tuesday despite two players and several staff testing positive for Covid-19, while two other players were taken to Manchester Airport for testing that morning, which came back negative.

The club’s players underwent further testing on Thursday and, although no one else showed any symptoms, Wilder admitted he wouldn’t be surprised if Saturday’s game against Crystal Palace, live Sky Sports, is unable to move forward.

He said, “I think the way it is sweeping the country I wouldn’t be surprised. It starts to develop. Obviously after Christmas time too.

“I wouldn’t be surprised with the series of tests now that there will be more positive tests across the country in professional football and the Premier League.”

There have been suggestions from some neighborhoods that the season should be interrupted while cases are high.

Wilder said: “It has obviously accelerated tremendously and the speed of what has happened in the last eight weeks has changed the situation in the country. As always, we will play with a straight bat, we will do what the Premier League wants. us. “


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The United boss doesn’t expect any players to return for Saturday’s clash with Palace, and it’s something the club certainly could have done without given their struggles.

A 1-0 loss to Burnley was the latest blow, extending the Premier League’s worst two-point start to the season in 16 games.

And Wilder is looking to sign a few players next month to help United’s bid for survival and has passed the names on to the board.

He added: “In my opinion, we need to improve the group. It is up to the CEO and the board of directors to make their decision or pursue the objectives that we are looking at and the positions that we are considering.”

Saturday January 2 2:30 p.m.

Kick-off at 3:00 p.m.

However, the manager admits their predicament could push back potential targets, but is looking for players who want to become heroes.

He said: “From a foreign point of view, yes, most definitely. From a national point of view, not necessarily. At the national level, if we bring in a player on loan, he might understand a little more. team and look at the statistics.

“Of course, the only stat that doesn’t appeal to the eye is the point total, but the other stats in terms of how we played and how close we got to wins, these players will have nothing to loose.”

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