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Consumption: boards made in France seduce customers




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France 3

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France 3 – L. Bazizin, JM. Mier, E. Revidon

France Televisions

The summer season often rhymes with grilling. In the Landes, a company produces 100% French planchas. They are very popular with consumers.

On the menu that day: duck breast and sausage from the Basque Country grilled. “The interest of the plancha is really the ease of cooking. These planchas are 100% French and of very, very good quality”, sale Patrick Van Elstraete, the owner of a plancha. All the metal parts that make up the plancha are made in France, laser cut and assembled in the Landes. The end of the confinement period has revived the barbecue and plancha market. The company has grown from 30 to 80 employees in three years.

Tough competition

Each product is signed by the operator, a quality guaranteed for life. The French company hopes to develop further in the next five years. “The objective is to develop our company in export and e-commerce. This will involve an increase in capacity and additional recruitment”, explains Pascal Bouchet, operational director at Le Marquier. However, the competition is fierce and the customer is spoiled for choice.



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