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Conservatives target Supreme Court justices in liberal states

Geoff Bennett:

As political fights across the country become more contentious, key legal decisions on issues like gerrymandering are finding their way to state supreme courts, turning once-neglected questions about who sits on the bench into political battles in its own right.

In two states, liberal Supreme Court justices are under fire. In Wisconsin, Judge Janet Protasiewicz, on the job less than two months, faces impeachment by the Republican-controlled legislature. And, in North Carolina, Judge Anita Earls, one of two Democrats on the court, is under investigation by a judicial committee.

To discuss the politics at play in state courts, we’re joined by Zac Schultz, who covers politics for PBS Wisconsin, and Colin Campbell, Capitol bureau chief for WUNC.

I welcome you both.

Zac, it should be explained that in Wisconsin, Republicans fighting to preserve the legislative electoral maps they drew argue that Judge Protasiewicz should recuse herself from this case. Where are things?

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