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Brian Stelter has been repeatedly mocked for promoting an article claiming that news anchors became versions of “national leaders” on September 11, while the CNN host criticized politicians for being so- saying in “bunkers” or “out of sight”.

“Network TV presenters were” the closest thing America had to national leaders on September 11th. They were the moral authority of the country on that first day. Stelter tweeted on Saturday, the quote from an Associated Press article highlighting key news anchors covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks as they occurred.

The actual quote comes from “The Only Plane in the Sky” author Garrett Graff, who has claimed television news anchors like Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather. “advised” the country through a difficult period as “His political leadership was largely silent and largely absent from the conversation. “

Stelter added to the point by claiming that political leaders were hiding in “Bunkers” and keeping “out of sight” following the terrorist attacks.

As many were quick to point out to Stelter, then-President George W. Bush addressed the nation that night from the Oval Office, and he continued to visit the destruction. , as was then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Some indicated that the president and the mayor were more “National leaders” than news presenters because some could not even receive the broadcast signals from some of the presenters mentioned by AP.

“No, we had the president and the mayor. In New York, we couldn’t even get two of the three networks because their broadcast antennas were on top of tower one, ” conservative writer Dan McLaughling tweeted in response to Stelter.

Stelter fended off criticism by acknowledging Bush’s speech and then telling the growing number of critics to address the author cited in the AP article. This despite the fact that many have disputed Stelter’s words after the quote, which appear to be his own thoughts.

“You added your take outside the quotes!” Also, you shared it. So on some level you liked it and agreed with it. You haven’t done a review, so what other deduction is there? Stop playing these stupid games Brian. We all know what you are doing ”, NewsBusters reporter Nicholas Fondacaro tweeted to the CNN presenter, who is no stranger to the controversy over questionable positions.

Others have challenged both Stelter and media history, with many deeming it inappropriate to argue that journalists are the “real heroes” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people, as on the list of people who had to respond to the attacks that day, journalists can fall quite low on the scale of “heroes” .

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