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CNN Poll: A Majority of Americans Believe Joe Biden, as Vice President, Was Involved in His Son’s Business Dealings


Most Americans believe President Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings with Ukraine and China while serving as vice president under Barack Obama, according to a CNN poll by SSRS.

A majority, 61%, say they believe Biden had at least some involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, with 42% saying they believe he acted illegally and 18% saying his actions were contrary to the ethical but not illegal. 38% say they don’t believe Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings while he was vice president. Only 1% believe Biden was involved but did nothing wrong.

A 55% majority of public opinion say the president acted improperly regarding the investigation of Hunter Biden for potential crimes, while 44% say he acted appropriately.

The poll was taken before special counsel David Weiss said in a court filing on Wednesday that he intended to seek an indictment against Hunter Biden on gun-related charges by the end of the month. President Biden has denied involvement in his son’s business dealings, and the House watchdog Republicans has presented no direct evidence that the president personally benefited from any of them.

Opinions of Americans on Joe Biden’s conduct regarding Hunter Biden are widely divided along partisan lines. Less than a third of Democrats believe Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings or acted improperly in the investigation. Even among Democratic voters who say they would rather see their party nominate someone different in next year’s presidential election, only 37% believe Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings, and only 29% find his actions regarding the investigation inappropriate. . In response to an open-ended question asking their greatest concern about Joe Biden as a candidate, almost none mentioned the situation regarding Hunter Biden.

In contrast, a large majority of Republicans believe that Joe Biden acted illegally regarding his son’s business dealings (76%) and that he behaved inappropriately during the subsequent Hunter Biden investigation ( 90%). Most independents say Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings while he was vice president (64%), but fewer (39%) say he acted illegally while acting Thus. About half believe he acted inappropriately regarding the investigation (52%).

The CNN poll was conducted by SSRS from August 25-31 among a random national sample of 1,503 adults drawn from a probability panel. The survey included an oversample to reach a total of 898 Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents; this group was weighted according to its size within the population. Surveys were conducted either online or by telephone with a live interviewer. Results from the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 points.