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Clubhouse hired a seasoned NPR writer to lead the news posting for the app. Nina Gregory will serve as Clubhouse News and Media Editor, working as a liaison between news editors and the Clubhouse’s audio communities ecosystem.

Gregory has led NPR’s arts office for the past seven years, shaping the media’s cultural and entertainment coverage. “As an audio journalist, [Clubhouse] aligned with what I’ve always believed to be the best medium for news, ”Gregory told CNN. “You don’t have to be able to read to hear the news on the radio. You don’t need to have an expensive subscription. You don’t need any cable.

Helping publishers and other brands connect is a maturation path for Clubhouse. USA Today’s online media properties at TechCrunch established a presence on the app, which exploded into growth as the pandemic limited in-person social interactions. But with competition looming from more entrenched rivals, Clubhouse may need to get creative to stay in the game.

Clubhouse’s rapid rise has seen Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and other established tech companies scramble to incorporate live audio rooms into their own products. Twitter quickly launched Spaces, while Spotify launched a standalone Clubhouse clone known as Greenroom. Facebook first announced its own live audio rooms in April, opening them to US users two months later.

The kind of viral attention Clubhouse has received over the past year is nearly impossible to sustain, but the company has added features, introduced an Android app, and opened its doors to everyone. Clubhouse may not be able to get past its February peak, but the app still recorded 7.7 million monthly downloads worldwide after its expansion to Android this summer, and continues to develop its vision of audio-focused social networks.

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