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It’s the 100% audio social network that everyone is talking about. Created last May, the Club House application brings together 2 million users and is already valued at $ 1 billion. The last show where people talk unleashes passions. Enough to ask us about the voice: what if the oldest medium in the world was also that of the future?

# TECH24 listened to Club House, the rising social app. We enter by invitation only to follow conversations around the world. You can meet Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Xavier Niel at the bend of a “room”, a chat room in the jargon of the house.

Created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the network is the object of all questions. According to the Stanford Internet Observatory, its audio servers are hosted in China through the company Agora. But since February 8, Beijing has been blocking the app on its territory.

The craze is such that Twitter and Facebook are working on their own interpretations of the audio network. Jack Dorsey’s company is testing Spaces, a vocal space included in Twitter.

Audio is also appealing to the news world. The ETX Daily Up platform uses semantic artificial intelligence to meet the challenge. How do you go from text to voice? Audio-augmenting content what does that mean exactly? Answers with Cécilia Gabizon, vice-president of ETX Studio.

The voice takes on accents of digital sovereignty. The Voice Lab invites the French to donate their voice data to co-construct the voice technologies of tomorrow. According to the initiative, we would only have 2,000 hours of usable voice in France, compared to 100,000 in the United States and China. An approach supported by the BPI to put the voice at the service of a citizen artificial intelligence.

In our Test24 sequence, we are looking for solutions to eradicate anti-personnel mines. The first is an autonomous terrestrial drone, dubbed Basset Jones. A robot dog that detects metals using machine learning technology, the Convolutional Neural Network. Second solution: superhero rodents. The NGO Apopo trains rats in mine detection thanks to their natural sensors, but also backpacks equipped with cameras. Match between artificial intelligence and animal intelligence!


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