Claressa Shields on fight with Savannah Marshall: “It could happen” but “it’s a business” | Boxing News

Claressa Shields brought in the Savannah Marshall promotion team to respond to their requests and agree on one of the best fights available in women’s boxing.

Shields last lost in the ring at the age of 17 to Marshall, but has since won two Olympic golds, three-weight world titles and undisputed championships in two divisions.

Marshall holds the WBO middleweight title that was previously Shields’ and talks to resume their in-ring rivalry have begun.

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Marshall holds the WBO middleweight title

“We won’t be accepting any change for a world championship fight of this caliber,” Shields told Sky Sports.

“Eddie Hearn says she’s going to knock me out? Whatever!

“It looks like the fight could take place, but we’re waiting for Eddie to raise the numbers.

“Looks like the fight can be done.

“I would love to fight Marshall but it’s a business.

“I won’t take less money [for her benefit]. I will not go back. It’s not my problem.

“I’m a three-weight world champion and undisputed two-weight champion, so I’ll get paid that way or keep making money in MMA or fighting someone else.”

Claressa Shields
Claressa Shields is undisputed in two divisions

Shields recalled that she left the only belt Marshall now has – and insists a fight between them must take place in the United States.

“I am the champion and I am in the United States,” she said.

“To be honest, she wouldn’t be the world champion if I hadn’t given up on my WBO title.

“I never lost this belt. I had to take it off to go further in the story.

“She didn’t beat the champion to get her belt. She fought for a vacant belt.

“I was unchallenged at 160 pounds.

“She could have fought me for the belt but they cried, then the belt was vacant, then she fought Hannah Rankin. Rankin was not the champion. I was.”

Claressa Shields on fight with Savannah Marshall: "It could happen" but "it's a business" | Boxing News


Marshall in 2019 on the origins of the Shields rivalry

Shields added, “We made Marshall an offer in 2018, which she turned down.

“She seems to have regained her confidence now. She has fought girls with decent records and now feels ready.

“So I hope we can do it.

“If it were up to me? We would have fought in 2018 or 2019 or 2020. I will fight her in 2021.

“I show up in every fight and come away victorious.”

Claressa Shields
Shields is 11-0 pro

Marshall previously said, “I hit too hard for Shields. I do. Much too hard.

“She doesn’t want to know, she’s not interested.

“She would rather ride [in her MMA debut] or call Katie Taylor who has four weight classes below her. “

Hearn previously said: “I’m willing to pay a lot of money.

“It’s impossible for Shields to do 10 rounds with Marshall.

“Marshall beat her in the amateurs and will beat her in the pros.”

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