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The cook Christophe Leroy, suspected of having organized illegal luxury meals in particular at the Palais Vivienne of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, affirmed Thursday through the voice of his lawyer that these feasts were legal and that no minister had participated in them.

During the search carried out on Wednesday at his Parisian home, Christophe Leroy “was able to deliver a certain number of documents establishing that the services he performed were, as the law allows, in private homes and not in establishments open to the public (ERP) of the restaurant type ”, indicates Me Thierry Fradet in a press release. “In any case and contrary to what has been claimed in an unprofessional manner, no member of the government participated in the meals”, he adds, denouncing a “bad trial” against his client. .

Conflicts with the law

In Saint-Tropez, the restaurateur, close to the jet-set and who had been the great organizer of the wedding dinner of singer Johnny Hallyday in 1990 in Ramatuelle, is preceded by a sulphurous reputation earning him trouble with the law. After multiple referrals from the hearing, Christophe Leroy must answer on September 2 before the Criminal Court of Draguignan of alleged facts of fraudulent bankruptcy committed in Paris 6th district, as well as forgery, concealed work and deceptive commercial practice in his former restaurant Les Moulins de Ramatuelle and a pastry shop from Saint-Tropez.

He had resuscitated the “White Nights” around Eddie Barclay in the 1990s. But more recently, in 2017, his project for a vegan restaurant in Saint-Tropez in partnership with the American-Canadian star Pamela Anderson to which he was to lend his inn, was cut short.

Chalençon backpedaling

The broadcast on Friday of a report by M6 on lavish clandestine dinners in Paris sparked a heated controversy last weekend, one of the organizers, identified as Pierre-Jean Chalençon, claiming to have “dined in the week in two-three illegal restaurants ”where he would have crossed“ ministers ”. Since then, Pierre-Jean Chalençon has returned to his statements, explaining that he wanted to make “humor”.

The report mentioned in particular a dinner at the Palais Vivienne “around a caviar and champagne menu” at the price of “220 euros per person” concocted by the cook. He had ignited social networks during the weekend, provoked reactions from the political class, and led to the opening of an investigation.

Me Fradet, who assured that his client Christophe Leroy reserved his statements for investigators, considered that the journalists of M6 had “acted in legally questionable conditions”, not having announced “their quality” and having filmed “the interior from a private home by means of a hidden camera ”.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Tuesday that to his knowledge no minister participated in such clandestine luxury dinners and he slaughtered a rumor that “undermines the foundations of democracy”.

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