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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace observed on Sunday that he seems to have an ongoing presence in the mind of former President Donald Trump.

During an extensive network interview, “MediaBuzz” host Howard Kurtz discussed the revelations in “Peril,” the new book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which examines the chaotic departure of Trump from office.

“Trump shoots you again in the first presidential debate you hosted last year, saying, ‘oh, you weren’t in control,'” Kurtz told Wallace.

Laughing, Wallace said, “For a landlord, I’m very grateful to have the right to occupy so much space in Donald Trump’s brain without rent. I’m not talking about him, but yet he still wants to talk about the debate of September 29, 2020. “

When asked who was at fault, Wallace pointed out that Trump interrupted Biden “145 times in 90 minutes” during the debate.

“I think it’s a world record,” he joked.

This debate between Trump and President Joe Biden was a chaotic, quirky affair marred by insults and relentless interruptions from Trump. As a moderator, Wallace was at times unable to deal with the persistent rule breaking. Trump then accused Wallace of siding with Biden and again attacked Wallace over the debate more recently.

Wallace criticized Trump during his presidency and was the subject of several presidential tirades on Twitter.

Watch below via Raw Story.


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