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Chris Evans says he ‘was happy to be part of an ensemble’ in Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’

Chris Evans is more than someone you see on your screen or Captain America: he is an “introspective” human.

In a recent profile with GQEvans opened up about his life and professional journey, revealing that although he was Captain America for eight years, it wasn’t his favorite role to play.

In fact, Evans’ most enjoyable opportunity came when Rian Johnson was casting for Knives out. His character, Ransom Drysdale, was a supporting role, but he wanted it – even after playing a starring role for Marvel. Feedback on the experience with GQEvans said he was actually “happy to be part of an ensemble” as part of Knives out.

“If a good supporting role comes along, I jump at it,” Evans told the outlet, suggesting that an actor like Robert Downey Jr. should take on the lead roles because he is “such a presence” and “such a force “.

Evans continued: “I’m happy to be part of an ensemble. I don’t need to carve out some sort of leading man niche.

Johnson, the director of Knives out who ultimately chose Evans for his film, knew that the actor was known to audiences as a handsome sportsman, but that he had also made a name for himself as a hero by playing Captain America. Johnson said in a 2019 casting-related interview with Vogue“I could tell Chris was really excited to do this, and I could tell he was going to have a lot of fun.”

Although Ransom resembled roles Evans had played before – like the arrogant idiot or the playboy – he relished not holding the spotlight. Johnson said Vogue back when Evans was a natural choice for his offbeat character.

“If there was someone in that role that the audience naturally wanted to like, that would help the arc as a whole,” he said of the actor.

Johnson — who was also interviewed in Evans’ recent article GQ feature film – told the outlet: “I feel like he has depth in him too and I hope he gets more and more roles that he can explore the other side of the coin – that much more introspective and thoughtful person coming out.”

KNIVES OUT, Chris Evans, 2019
Photo: ©Lions Gate/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Evans” GQ The profile also featured an interview with his mother, Lisa, who described him as “extraordinarily introspective,” much like Johnson did. Lisa remembers her son asking deep questions from a young age and his answers to GQ showed that he looked at the world with a different lens. The actor himself told the magazine that he strives to be in the moment rather than being in the moment.

Evans has not appeared in any films as of 2023. According to GQhe tries to limit himself to one project per year, but generally takes a break to focus on himself.


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