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Chinese ambassador to UK expelled from parliament

The Chinese ambassador to Britain was kicked out of parliament and said he could not enter the building for a talk he was due to give on Wednesday.

Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said on Tuesday it was not “appropriate” for Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang to enter parliament because China imposed sanctions on seven British parliamentarians for their criticism of the government. Beijing’s human rights record.

Zheng was scheduled to attend a reception in the House of Commons hosted by an all-party parliamentary group on China.

John McFall, Hoyle’s counterpart in the upper house, the House of Lords, agreed the scheduled meeting “should take place elsewhere, given current sanctions against members.”

China imposed sanctions on seven British politicians in March, including senior Tory lawmakers Iain Duncan Smith and Tom Tugendhat, who spoke out against China’s treatment of its Uyghur minority in the far west region of Xinjiang.

The move came shortly after Britain, the United States, Canada and the European Union sanctioned Chinese authorities over Xinjiang.

The sanctioned parliamentarians hailed the ban, saying allowing Zheng into the parliament building would have been “an insult.”

“This meeting should never have been proposed on the parliamentary domain in the first place, the mother of parliaments which protects the freedom of speech and the freedoms of free peoples”, Duncan Smith wrote on Twitter.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK condemned the move and said it would harm the interests of both countries.

“The despicable and cowardly action of certain people in the British Parliament to obstruct normal trade and cooperation between China and the United Kingdom for personal political gain is contrary to the will and detrimental to the interests of the peoples of both countries,” the embassy said. in a report.

He added that the sanctions imposed by Beijing on British parliamentarians are “beyond reproach” as they came in response to British sanctions against Chinese individuals and entities “based on disinformation and under the pretext of alleged rights violations. of man in Xinjiang “.


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