China, Russia pinned in US intelligence report

An American report on unexplained aerial phenomena lists several possible origins for these mysterious events. Stating that they are not in a position to draw definitive conclusions, its authors pinpoint China and Russia.

As announced a few weeks earlier, a US intelligence report on the possible origins of the unexplained aerial phenomena was released on June 25. The theme traditionally arouses passions across the Atlantic where public opinion is particularly sensitive to any news related to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The recent document lists more than 140 unexplained events observed by the US military since 2004.

Scapegoats already mentioned

Despite the recurring speculations that animate American society on the possibility of having one day been visited by extraterrestrial beings, the report does not mention this lead at any time, either to support it or to rule it out. On the other hand, among the hypotheses adopted in Washington to explain these mysterious phenomena observed over the years by the American army, appears the scenario of alleged experiments of foreign entities, which could directly threaten the United States.

Some unexplained aerial phenomena may be technologies deployed by China, Russia

“Unexplained aerial phenomena would represent a challenge for national security [notamment en cas de] proof that a potential adversary has developed a revolutionary or disruptive technology ”, we can read from the first pages of the text, whose authors however specify that they do not have sufficient elements to draw definitive conclusions. Never mind, the document still mentions two countries likely to be linked to such activities threatening national security: China and Russia. Indeed, in the chapter of the multiple avenues envisaged concerning the origin of certain phenomena, appears a category called “foreign adversary systems”, in which the American intelligence writes that “certain unexplained aerial phenomena can be technologies deployed by China, Russia , another nation or a non-governmental entity ”.

As a reminder, the hypothesis had already been communicated in early June to New York Times by US intelligence officials. “At least part of the aerial phenomena could correspond to experimental technologies of a rival power, very probably Russia or China”, then assured anonymously sources “close to the matter” to the famous American newspaper.

Phenomena with “unusual flight characteristics”

In order to shed light on the potential origin of the phenomena observed in recent years, four other categories have been drawn up by the American intelligence services: “air congestion” made up of birds, balloons, recreational drones or even debris. suspended in the air, like plastic bags; “Natural atmospheric phenomena” which correspond to ice crystals, humidity and even certain thermal fluctuations; “US government or industry development programs”, a segment for which the report’s authors are, however, cautious; finally, an “other” category whose component evaluation requires new scientific knowledge.

“The task force dedicated to unidentified aerial phenomena intends to concentrate an additional analysis concerning certain unusual flight characteristics ”, we can read in this last section.

Highly regarded in the American media world, UFO issues seem to be gaining increasing military attention. “The US Navy recognizes that there have been enough bizarre aerial sightings by credible and highly trained military personnel for them to be recorded in official records and investigated, rather than dismissed as bizarre phenomena from the United States. field of science fiction, ”Politico reported in March 2019, a time when, faced with the growing number of phenomena observed, the navy had drawn up new guidelines for reporting UFOs.

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