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China confirms detaining Uighur doctor for “terrorism”

The Chinese authorities confirmed, Thursday, December 31, to hold for “Terrorism” Gulshan Abbas, a Uighur doctor, disappeared in detention two years ago. Her family in the United States had just announced the day before that she had been sentenced to twenty years in prison in China.

Information that the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, confirmed in these words: “Gulshan Abbas has been convicted under the law by Chinese judicial bodies for participating in organized terrorism, aiding terrorist activities and seriously undermining social order. ” According to his family, it is for his activism in favor of the Uighur cause that is at the origin of his conviction.

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As a warning to the regular denunciations Beijing is subject to on the international scene regarding this Muslim community, he added: “We call on US politicians to respect the facts, stop fabricating slanderous lies, and refrain from using the Xinjiang issue [province chinoise dont sont originaires les Ouïgours] to interfere in China’s affairs. “

An extradition treaty that worries

The Chinese government ratified, Saturday, December 26, an extradition treaty with Turkey, thinking of using it to accelerate the return of Uighurs exiled in the country and suspected of “Terrorism” in China. If Turkey has not ratified the treaty and has ensured not to return Uighurs to China, the Chinese announcement has caused great concern among members of this Muslim community, persecuted in their country.

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Human rights organizations accuse Beijing of interning at least one million Muslims in Xinjiang in “Re-education camps” that China wants to call “Vocational training centers”.

According to the testimony of the doctor’s sister, Rushan Abbas, Gulshan Abbas, who speaks Mandarin fluently, was arrested in September 2018.