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Cheryl Burke Candidly Says She’s Leaving Relationship With ‘Narcissist’


But the podcast host isn’t opposed to dating a celebrity again, despite a high-profile divorce.

“If they have the qualities that I mentioned, I guess it doesn’t matter because, again, that’s not your identity,” she reiterated. “It’s not even in the narrow view of what I’m looking for.”

And in addition to moving on from her divorce, Cheryl also isn’t letting her career become her full-fledged identity, despite her major success in the ABC competition, dancing for 16 years and winning two disco ball trophies.

“The show didn’t identify who I really am at all. It was absolutely a part of me, and it’s the same with my relationships,” the professional dancer told E! News. “If you define yourself by the outside world, it’s so temporary. And that’s when you feel the loss, the emptiness, the loneliness.”

Cheryl works towards self-love, sharing her goals of setting boundaries, manifesting whatever she wants, and having more clarity about who she is.