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Central banks in focus over next two weeks


There are only three weeks until Christmas, but we’re not quite in the festive mood in the markets yet. Instead, the next two weeks will still be a crucial period as we have one final round of major monetary policy decisions from central banks to make.

Let’s jump straight to the agenda to see what we’re dealing with.

December 5 – Reserve Bank of Australia
December 6 – Bank of Canada
December 13 – US Federal Reserve
December 14 – Swiss National Bank
December 14 – Bank of England
December 14 – European Central Bank
December 19 – Bank of Japan

And between this week and next week, we’ll also have the U.S. nonfarm payrolls numbers and the U.S. CPI data. This will be quite an important period for the markets over the next week before it all closes out in December.



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