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Carrefour also takes a standoff against shrinkflation



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France 2

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France 2 – D. Lachaud, D. Karcher-Mourgues, C. Vignal, S. Lisnij, C. Alphonse

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After Intermarché, Carrefour is also tackling shrinkflation, this practice aimed at reducing the quantity of the product while increasing its price. In stores, signs now denounce the products concerned.

At Carrefour, it’s hard to miss them. In the middle of the shelves, orange labels point out the products that are victims of shrinkflationa practice of certain brands which increase their prices while reducing quantities. On a chocolate bar for example, there are 30 grams of less but an increase in the price per kilo of 26%. An incomprehensible practice for customers. “I think I would try to avoid it because I think it means the company is making fun of me,” says one consumer.

Require brands to indicate the practice on their products

Denounce the shrinkflationthe strategy was already adopted by Intermarché last week. One of the brands questioned for its ice cream cites a nutritional reason in order to reduce calorie intake. The industrial representative puts the use of this practice into perspective. The government wants to strengthen the legal framework by requiring brands to indicate the reduction of the product on the packaging.



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