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Capitol police arrest man in swastika-decorated truck with machete outside Democrats headquarters – RT USA News

U.S. Capitol Police arrested a man armed with a bayonet and a machete outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC. Capitol cops say the man “was talking about white supremacist ideology.”

While patrolling late Sunday night, Capitol Police officers noticed a pickup truck emblazoned with swastikas and “Other symbols of white supremacy. “ After stopping the truck, officers saw the driver carrying a machete and bayonet, both illegal in Washington.

The driver, Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, Calif., Was arrested for possession of prohibited weapons. Officers said that by the time he was taken away, Craighead told police he was “On patrol,” and “Started talking about white supremacist ideology and other white supremacist rhetoric. “

The man was arrested outside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, located two blocks south of the United States Capitol. It is not known whether he planned to attend meetings or protests in the region, or if he has any links to criminal cases in the region, USCP noted.

The man arrested on Sunday is the second suspect pickup driver arrested near the Capitol in recent weeks. In August, a man parked near the building and began broadcasting live bomb threats via Facebook. He then surrendered to FBI agents and was charged with threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction. Although the man’s mental health is being assessed, he could be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty.

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“White supremacy” has been touted by liberal politicians and pundits as an imminent threat to the United States, with President Biden describing the ideology as the “The deadliest threat to the homeland today”, and Attorney General Merrick Garland describing “those who advocate the superiority of the white race” as the main threat to internal security.

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