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Cameroon: a landslide in Yaoundé kills a dozen people during funerals

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At least 11 people perished on Sunday in a landslide during a meeting in tribute to the deceased in a popular district of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, the governor of the region announced on public radio CRTV.

The Cameroonian capital hit by a deadly landslide. At least 11 people perished on Sunday in a landslide in a popular district of Yaoundé, according to the governor of the region on public radio CRTV. The event occurred during a ceremony of homage to the deceased in the outskirts of the capital.

Four bodies covered with white sheets were evacuated in the early evening by the police in the popular district of Damascus, on the eastern outskirts of Yaoundé, reports an AFP journalist. He found himself in the midst of hundreds of panicked residents looking for relatives, and relief trying to find their way to the scene of the tragedy.

Many families had settled in several large tents on a vacant lot at the top of a hill when the ground subsided under part of the assistance, told AFP several residents on the spot.

Research continues

“For the moment we have 11 bodies, the search is continuing to find other bodies under the ground”, explained on the airwaves of CRTV Naseri Paul Bea, the governor of the Center region, of which Yaoundé is the capital. . “It’s a meeting of people who wanted to mourn members (of their families) who left before them. Some were sitting in a tent where there was a landslide in the early evening,” he continued.

Four large white tents still stood in the evening at the top of the hill, but at the edge of what appears to be a ridge beyond which the ground has disappeared, describes the AFP journalist who was able to approach the scene. landslide before being blocked by a line of police.

Around the vacant lot, there are both relatively opulent houses in good condition and very precarious dwellings, such as the innumerable ones, sometimes made of wood and sheet metal, which cover the sides of the seven hills forming part of the relief of the Cameroonian capital. It is populated by more than 4 million inhabitants.

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