Call for testimonials: why don’t you take the train more often? – Brittany

SNCF wants the French to leave their cars more and more in the garage. The CEO of the company, Jean-Pierre Farandou, aims for this to “double the number of travelers in ten years on the trains”, so that the rail provides 20% of trips in France. “Today, only 10% of people choose the train, while 85% still take the car,” he explains in an interview with JDD.

The company must present a new price range on Tuesday with “moderate prices until the last days before departure”. It is also planned to “create differentiated spaces on board trains”, with “several travel atmospheres”.

Today, Le Télégramme wishes to understand why only 10% of journeys in France are made today by train. Does a matter of price? Many deserted? Transit times? For that, your testimony interests us!

Tell us, using the form below, this experience which completely disgusted you with the railway; those brakes that prevent you from taking the train more often; these reasons which made you abandon the train little by little …

In short, all these little things which mean that you rarely take the TGV / TER to this day when you would like (or not) to choose this mode of transport.

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