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Buyer of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Home Just Spent $3.2 Million Only to Discover ‘None of the Appliances Work’


Buying a $3.2 million model from The Brady Bunch The house may have been “the worst investment ever” as far as real estate investments go, but art collector and owner Tina Trahan seems to have no regrets.

Talk to PeopleTrahan admitted she had no plans to sell the property — even though none of the devices worked.

“When I bought it, I didn’t think, ‘Oh, this was a great investment,'” she said. “When I buy art, it’s because I love art. It’s not because, “Oh, I’m going to make money from this.” …If you want to make money from art, you have to sell it. I buy art, then I don’t sell it.

The Los Angeles property – which was used for exterior shots The Brady Bunch – was originally purchased in 2018 for $3.5 million by HGTV. The network then spent nearly $2 million renovating it so that the interior perfectly replicated the 2019 sitcom series. A very Brady renovation.

Trahan bought the house from HGTV for $3.2 million, about 9 percent less than the price the network bought it for.

“I will never touch anything (in the house),” she continued. “I was telling someone, ‘If you bring (even) a flat-screen TV into the house, it’s no longer possible.’ THE Brady Group.’ This presents a lot of value to a lot of people who care about it. And HGTV put a lot of time and effort and money into the house to make it the way it is and… I find that incredibly valuable. So I do not know.

Buyer of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Home Just Spent $3.2 Million Only to Discover ‘None of the Appliances Work’
Photo: Everett Collection

Trahan expressed that she had a deep desire to purchase the house after growing up watching the show.

“It was like, ‘I need this house. I have to have the house,” she explains. “I loved the movie…and watched the show growing up after school. I just felt like it was just part of America and its culture.

“None of the devices work,” she said, laughing. “The stove doesn’t work, the stove doesn’t work, the oven doesn’t work. There is literally nothing. In a separate interview with Wall Street JournalTrahan explained that any changes made to make the house “livable” would “take away what I consider a work of art.”

Instead, she plans to use it for charitable purposes. “This would represent a huge source of income for charities,” she stressed. “It brings so much joy and makes so many people happy, just like The Brady Bunch did.”

A very Brady renovation can be streamed on Discovery+.