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Holders of patio gas cylinders, mainly used to heat gas barbecues, are urged to return the disused cylinders to help alleviate a national shortage.

Sales of refillable propane and butane cylinders increased for the first time at the end of last spring as COVID-19[female[feminine the restrictions kept families at home and away from closed pubs, restaurants and cafes.

However, demand far exceeded supply and the industry has since caught up.

Liquid Gas UK told Sky News the situation has deteriorated due to new obstacles linked to the pandemic.

BBQs have become an important household tool for families looking for some variety in home cooking during the pandemic

“This situation is due to unprecedented demand for bottles in recent months due to increased stays and lengthened bottle import times due to volatile shipping markets and increasing the demand for steel in the world.

“The situation has worsened further in recent weeks due to self-isolation from the NHS Track and Trace application, impacting the availability of key operational staff.

“The industry encourages those who have empty or unused bottles to return them, in order to improve availability.”

The corps hoped that the supply would improve as more cylinders became available.

He insisted that there was no shortage of gas to fill the cylinders and the shortage of patio gas cylinders did not extend to those used for heating systems, mainly in homes. mobile.

Calor, a leading supplier of bottles to individuals and businesses, said it “continues to work tirelessly” on the issue in a statement via its website.

“Orders for new cylinders have been placed well in advance to meet the expected high demand, but delivery times for cylinders, which are manufactured abroad, have been considerably longer than in previous years, due to persistent COVID issues at manufacturing sites, increase in steel around the world. demand and an increase in global demand for maritime transport.

“In addition to the new cylinders, we are working hard to refurbish the existing stock to record levels to bring as many cylinders into service as possible. “

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