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The locals of FURIOUS struck after a real beer festival took place in a cemetery – with tombstones used as seats and tables.

They blasted the “vile behavior” with one saying, “They’d be the first to scream if it was kids doing that.”


Angry locals blasted ‘contemptuous behavior’ as festival-goers used cemetery headstones as seats and tables for drinking beerCredit: BackGrid

After the photos were posted on Facebook, Laura-Ann Imeson said, “Aren’t we supposed to set an example for the younger generations?

Danika Stirling added: “No matter how old the graves are, there is always a body underneath.

“Have a little respect.”

Reverend Martin Anderson blamed a “small group” and said most attendees were respectful at St Mary the Virgin Church in Norton, Teesside.

Organizer David Dodd added: “At no time were chairs placed around gravestones by staff and it was certainly not recommended for people to sit on them.

“There will be more chairs and signage at future events.”

the-sun : Burning locals go wild as a real beer festival takes place in a CEMETERY with tombstones used as seats and tables