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Bulgaria is set to hold its third parliamentary elections of the year in November after the three biggest parties in parliament fail to find common ground for a coalition government

Bulgarian President Roumen Radev said on Saturday that the vote would take place on November 14, a date already set by lawmakers for the scheduled presidential election.

He said bringing the two votes together would save public money and voters’ time.

Radev, who will run for a second term in the presidential vote, has said he will dissolve parliament next week and appoint a caretaker government.

“It is obvious that the two campaigns will take place at the same time and will merge. I count on the support of all respectable Bulgarians on the big issues – the fight against poverty and injustice, ”he told reporters.

The general elections in April and July both produced a parliament without a majority. There was a widespread desire for change after months of protests against triple Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and his center-right GERB party. The political groups that emerged from the protests, however, failed to concoct a majority of work.

Political analysts expect a new vote to have a similar result and deepen the political stalemate in the poorest member of the European Union for months.

They also expect political instability to hamper Bulgaria’s ability to effectively tackle a new wave of COVID-19 pandemic or tap into the EU’s economic recovery fund for coronaviruses, and disrupt its path towards adoption of the euro in 2024.


ABC News