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Bruno Le Maire wants a “provision” which forces “industrialists to include the reduction of content in a very visible way”



To fight against this practice, a text of law will be presented at the beginning of October with a provision which will oblige the industrialists to specify when there is a reduction of the content.

“It’s a scam, it’s outrageous!”judged Thursday, September 7 on franceinfo Bruno Le Maire about “shrinkflation”, a marketing practice which consists of masking the increase in the price of products by reducing the quantities in similar packaging with an identical selling price. “You have less and you pay more. It has always existed, but this practice is multiplying. It is unacceptable”he hammered.

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To fight against this practice, Bruno Le Maire announced that a text of law will be presented at the beginning of October with “a provision that will force manufacturers to show the reduction in content very visibly when they keep the same packaging”.

“We are not here to fill the pockets of industrial giants. We are here to allow the French to live decently and to be able to afford what they need, especially in terms of food products”.

Bruno Le Maire,

at franceinfo

A text framing trade negotiations in early October

“I think everyone has understood that my determination to bend those who do not follow the rules, to avoid excessive margins and to make inflation fall more quickly, is total”warned Bruno Le Maire.

The Minister further stated that he is aiming for the “beginning of October” for a new legal text governing commercial negotiations between distributors and manufacturers. Every year, from December to March 1, the supermarkets and their suppliers negotiate the conditions under which the former buy from the latter the products sold the rest of the year to consumers.

The government has decided, after discussions with representatives of the two sectors of activity, to bring forward the annual negotiations for 2024. “There is a more general problem which is to see if indeed the French model where there is an annual negotiation instead of having regular negotiations is the right model”added the Minister of the Economy, specifying that this “must never be done to the detriment of the income of agricultural producers”.