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CMA-CGM brings 25 M € to Brittany Ferries

In the fall of 2019, long before the Minister of the Economy mandated the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring, Brittany Ferries considered it necessary to consolidate its own funds to finance the modernization of its fleet and the piggyback project between Cherbourg and Bayonne. . There, the shipping company based in Roscoff (29) has just signed a partnership with CMA-CGM synonymous with a breath of fresh air, with € 10 million in the form of bonds convertible into shares and a loan of € 15 million repayable over eight years. . [Plus d’infos ici]

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Covid-19: “If we don’t want to be vaccinated, we change jobs,” says Professor Lacombe

From this Wednesday, caregivers, nurses or doctors who will not be vaccinated against covid-19 will be sanctioned. “In care, the interest is collective. When we engage in care, we think of others. And thinking about others means making sure you are vaccinated so as not to contaminate yourself and not to infect others either. It is an approach that is altruistic. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, you change jobs, you make yourself available, ”noted Professor Karine Lacombe, head of the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine hospital, in Paris, on BFMTV. [Suivez notre direct]

The Gard goes into red vigilance for risks of thunderstorms and floods

At midday, the Gard went into a state of red vigilance in the face of the risk of flooding following thunderstorms and heavy rains which have affected since the end of the night an area ranging from the Montpellier and Nîmes regions to the Cévennes. This pluvio-stormy situation must continue until the beginning of the afternoon in the north of the Hérault and especially in the Gard, with locally violent thunderstorms and not very mobile, in particular on the first reliefs of the Gard. [Plus d’infos ici]

“That I love you”: statue and concert, a day of tributes to Johnny Hallyday

Morning inauguration of a statue and an esplanade, commemorative concert tonight with a host of stars: this Tuesday, a day of tributes to Johnny Hallyday is held, the first official of its kind four years after the singer’s death. ” Thank you for being here. I recognize so many faces. It is very moving. The freedom to be, the freedom to live, the freedom to think. By honoring the memory of Johnny, it is to this freedom that we are paying tribute today ”, declared his widow Laeticia Hallyday. [Plus d’infos ici]

Fear of humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan: UN calls for dialogue with the Taliban

“The international community will have to discuss with the Taliban to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan,” said Antonio Guterres, UN chief, as a first commercial flight landed in Kabul on Monday, one of the first signs of normalization of the country since the return of the Islamists to power. The situation is, in fact, becoming critical for millions of Afghans, already affected by an acute drought, the consequences of the pandemic and decades of war. According to the UN, in the absence of support, 97% of the population is at risk of falling below the poverty line next year, compared to 72% today. [Plus d’infos ici]

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