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The new documents submitted by the pop star’s lawyer state that “although the whole of the guardianship is quickly dissolved and formally terminated, it is clear that Mr. Spears cannot be allowed to occupy a position of control over his daughter one more day “. Britney’s attorney is asking the court to immediately remove Jamie from his duties as curator and replace him temporarily until “the guardianship is completely and inevitably ended this fall.”

“As we’ve said before, Britney Spears ‘life matters. Britney Spears’ well-being matters,” the record reads. “And under the circumstances, every day counts because every day that Mr. Spears clings to his post is another day of anguish and prejudice for his daughter, which can be avoided by an immediate suspension.”

Jamie, through his lawyer, defended his treatment of the singer as a co-curator. They did not respond to Britney’s attorney’s latest case.

“As Mr. Spears has said over and over again, all he wants is what is best for his daughter,” his case for termination of guardianship said. “If Ms. Spears wants to end the guardianship and thinks she can manage her own life, Mr. Spears thinks she should be given that chance.”

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