British food products, victims of Brexit

Twelve days after Brexit, which brought its share of new administrative constraints, French suppliers of British products are struggling to import certain products.

In the French shelves of the British supermarket giant Marks & Spencer, empty shelves are multiplying. Since 1er January 2021, some goods from the United Kingdom no longer reach France. Ten days after the United Kingdom’s effective exit from the European Union, British companies are struggling with the administrative formalities and the devious effects of Brexit.

Regarding Internet sales, some French parcel carriers have interrupted their deliveries between the European Union and the United Kingdom, others have increased their prices.

Slowing of deliveries

UK Government Co-ordinating Minister Michael Gove has warned of “significant disruption” at points of entry into the country in the coming days due to additional red tape slowing traffic, resulting in particularly impedes the circulation of fresh produce.

Between slowing down at entry points, in particular the port of Dover, and reducing the stopping rights to one stop instead of three to drop off or take goods for delivery in the EU, the transport sector is seeing its life complicated. Logistics companies are trying to depend less on the port of Dover and in Ireland in particular, they are trying to bypass the United Kingdom and its current complications, even if it means taking longer paths but which remain in the EU.

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