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Britain’s Labor leader puts the world to rights – POLITICO

In this inaugural episode of POLITICO’s new global Power Play podcast, host Anne McElvoy speaks with the man who hopes to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, Keir Starmer.

In wide-ranging interview on world affairs, Labor leader reveals concerns about China. He warns that the UK must “wean itself off” China “on trade and technology”.

Starmer also tells Anne what he thinks of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the war in Ukraine and his vision for a global “clean energy alliance”.

Later, Anne speaks with POLITICO’s “Power Panel” from New York, where the United Nations Annual General Assembly is taking place. As leaders gather on the international stage, Rosa Prince, editor of the London Playbook, and Nahal Toosi, senior foreign affairs correspondent in Washington, share their analysis of Starmer’s thinking about the world and what it could mean for transatlantic relations.


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