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Semi-final of the Champions League. Györ – Brest (23-23, 2-4 at TAB)

Sometimes there are strange feelings that cross your mind before a sports meeting. A feeling that makes you say that the outsider will beat the favorite. It would be pretentious to say that the feat had been guessed. But the atmosphere in Hungary suggested that… And what was foreseen, with this Györ under pressure against this light-minded BBH, is now engraved in the history of this Final Four, where anything is really possible!

These Brestoises are incredible, exceptional, fantastic. And the superlatives are perhaps not strong enough with what could happen on Sunday evening at the time of a final that now a whole white and black people await with excitement and impatience.

This Saturday, in an Arena in Budapest acquired in Györ, and for the first time in the history of women’s handball, a French club qualified for the Champions League final! On the shots at 5:15 p.m., after a tense match, after an unbreathable extension, after a penalty shoot-out which was played out with a bluff, the Brestoises threw themselves on each other, all to their increased joy, Cleopatra Darleux embracing on a warm parquet floor an exhausted Ana Gros who let her nerves go.

Györ was undefeated in 55 matches!

What Brest Bretagne Handball achieved, forever the first to copy a saying from the south-east of France, is historic, and in several ways. Because it had also been 55 games since Györ, the three-time defending champion of the competition, had not lost a Champions League match. 55 matches since 2016! These Brestoises are irresistible. Capable of spending fourteen minutes in the second half without scoring a single goal. Then put out a boiling Budapest Arena with a few flashes of genius. That’s it, Brest. Fire and a little cold at times. But talent, a lot, and heart, a lot.

“It’s just incredible,” Darleux rejoices. We arrived in Budapest without pressure and with confidence after the two titles we had just won. We said to ourselves by coming here that we would give everything ”. The goalkeeper and her teammates respected their pact, on a cloud and a dynamic of champions after the recent successes in the Coupe de France and in the league.

Toublanc: “Wow, there are a lot of emotions …”

“There is a lot, a lot, a lot of pride, breathes Alicia Toublanc, trembling in her voice when commenting on this feeling in the land of handball. Without such a tight-knit team, it couldn’t have been done. It’s… Wow, there are a lot of emotions that are present ”. The treble is there, noticeable, at arm’s length, and it is a Laurent Bezeau focus on the last Sunday meeting who presented himself to the media, this Saturday evening. “I think only of that, I only think of this final,” says the coach of the BBH, who will have to re-mobilize his group for a last game together oh so tasty. “Our collective is crazy,” Toublanc once again delivers. We’re all going in the same direction, we all want the same thing! “. The title in the Champions League, no less. Who would be the first for a French club after 61 editions.

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