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Brest Bretagne Handball.  The Brestoises reassure themselves at home against Mérignac – Brest Bretagne Handball

This first match of the season at home was to allow the reigning French champion club to launch its season, after two successive defeats, in the league (in Bourg-en-Bresse) then in the Champions League (in Rostov).

In addition to Olivier Krumboltz, who came to kick off, the public of a well-stocked Arena did not fail to give a standing ovation to its five Olympic champions, four of whom (Lassource, Niakaté, Foppa and Coatanéa) started the meet. By making a very solid start to the game (five saves on 7 shots in the first quarter), Toft gave the entry tempo and in the process validated the choice of Pablo Morel to have her installed in the cages of entry (Darleux starting the second period).

Olympic champions in shape

Faced with the promoted Mérignac (where the former Brestoise Catani evolves), the BBH then compensated for a certain clumsiness in the transmissions by a solid defense, allowing him to come away quickly (7-2, then 11-6 and 15-8 to half-time). If they did not do everything well, Pablo Morel’s players then provided the essentials, constantly keeping their opponents at bay.

Guided by their captain Lassource, and relying on the beautiful form displayed by Foppa, Niakaté and Kobylinska, the Brestoises never let their opponents come back within five goals, even further adding to the addition at the end of the part. A good omen before their second Champions League match on Saturday, still at home.

Technical sheet

BBH-Mérignac: 33-24 (half time: 15-8). 2,650 spectators.

Score: Niakaté (6/8), Lassource (cap.) (4/5), Foppa (6/6), Fauske (3/5), Coatanéa (0/2), Kobylinska (7/11), then Lagattu (0 / 1), Jaukovic (0/0), Fauske (3/5), Loseth (1/1), Jarrige (1/2), Toublanc (1/2), Pop-Lazic (4/4).

Guardians: Toft (14 stops / 30, 46 min); Darleux (2 stops / 10, 13 min).

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